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 [LSPD] Codes

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Los Santos Police Department

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PostSubject: [LSPD] Codes   Sun May 29, 2011 10:59 pm

[BCSD] Codes and Signals.


10-1: All units stops what you're doing and meet me at <location>.
10-3: Everyone stop talking.
10-4: I got the message and understood it.
10-5: Can you repeat that?
10-6: Disregard.
10-7: Stand-by.
10-8: Currently busy.
10-14: Requesting a pickup at <location>.
10-15: Suspect in custody.
10-19: Returning back to LSPD
10-20: Current location.
10-21: Tell me your status.
10-22: Go to <location>.
10-26 Traffic Stop.
10-26a High Risk Traffic Stop.
10-27: Changing frequencies.
10-40: Many people in the area.
10-41: There is possible illegal activity in the area.
10-56: Background check.
10-57 VICTOR: In pursuit of a vehicle.
10-57 FOXTROT: In a foot-chase.
10-60: Description of the vehicle.
10-61: Description of the suspect.
10-66: Suspicious person.
10-70: Requesting backup.
10-70 ECHO: Requesting emergency backup.
10-70 TANGO: Requesting S.W.A.T.
10-71: Requesting an ambulance.
10-98: No more assistance is required for at the moment.
10-99: The situation has ended.

Status Codes

Status 1: Going off duty
Status 2: Coming on duty
Status 3: Currently on a break.
Status 4: Currently patrolling and available to take calls.
Status 5: I'm responding with lights and sirens off.
Status 5-E: I'm responding with lights and sirens on.
Status 6: I'm currently on the scene.

Identity Codes

IC-1: White
IC-2: Black
IC-3: Latino or Mexican
IC-4: Middle-Eastern
IC-5: Asian
IC-6: Some unknown ethnicity.

Situational Codes

Code 0: All units drop what you're doing and respond.
Code 1: Non-emergency. If you're doing something, deal with it first.
Code 2: Non-emergency. If you're doing something, drop it and respond.
Code 3: There is an emergency. Respond with lights and sirens.
Code 4: No further backup needed.
Code 5: Shoot out.
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PostSubject: Re: [LSPD] Codes   Tue May 31, 2011 1:17 am

Made this non-centered to make it easier to read.
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[LSPD] Codes
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