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 [LSPD] Hand book

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Los Santos Police Department

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PostSubject: [LSPD] Hand book   Sun May 29, 2011 10:55 pm

Hello. This is your Chief Cali Anderson. This guide will contain information about techniques, procedures and general hints.

The Traffic Stop

You can pull a driver over for a variety of reasons, be it speeding or recklass driving, possibly even drifting or wrong side driving? If you feel it necessary, be sure to pull them over as they may cause further harm to other road drivers.


• Put your sirens on, indicating he should pull over. ✓
* Now let's assume he pulled over:
• Ask him to turn his engine off (ask via the megaphone) ✓
• State in the radio your situation ex, Alpha, suspects look suspicious, current 10-20 Ghost Town, over. ✓(( If this doesn't fit in one message, make sure it fits in two. )) If you need backup, just say 10-70 or declare a Code 0 + 3.
• Did you check if his/her window is down? ✓
• Did you calmly ask for his/her registration? ✓
• Is there any passengers in the vehicle? ✓
• Make sure their engine is turned off at all times. Go check the drivers' name in the MDC. Check for previous arrests. ✓ ((Don't check for wanted level as it could be Metagamed ))
• Go and give the driver either a warning or a ticket depending on how many prior arrest he's had. Make sure the ticket has not exceeded $1500 (for a traffic offense).
• In the radio, say you have dealt with the situation then resume patrol.

IF they don't have a driving license:-

• Ask the driver to step out of the vehicle nice and calmly. ✓
• If the driver has any passengers, calmly ask them to step out of the vehicle too. ✓
• This is a 10-24a as it could be risky to you. ✓
• Arrest the driver for driving without a license, this even includes if they "left it at home". ✓

How to cuff somebody correctly

Your techniques in handcuffing a certain invidual differ in certain situations. For example:- if someone is driving without a license, you:-

• Get him/her infront of the cruiser. ✓
• Get his/her hands behind his back. ✓
• Cuff them together tightly. ✓
• Guide him/her to your cruiser, explaining to him that he needs to watch his/her head. ✓
• Lock them in. ✓

If someone was being aggressive, both verbally and physically during a traffic stop, you have the right to tazer them. When you tazer them, roll them onto their back, grab their hands and again, cuff them together from behind. During all of this, you should be kneeling on them (should of knelt on them as soon as they fell down from the tazer impact). If you cuff someone from behind, they have less chance (much less chance) of harming you, or somebody else. Or even themselves.

If somebody surrenders whilst in a foot chase, order them to get on the ground and kneel on them. This is to ensure they cannot 'suddenly' change their mind and attack you at last minute. Kneeling on them should temporarily restrain them from danger.

The precision immobilization technique (P.I.T manuever)

The P.I.T manuever is very important for all us police as it (a lot of the time) stops the suspect. You should have all been trained with this. It's going behind the suspect, and pushing their rear bumper to one side, causing them to spin. Make sure you make them spin on a path with no traffic (or less traffic).
(( OOC: To do the P.I.T you have to get infront of the suspect and turn sharply. You will get caught up in the P.I.T aswell though, due to severe SA:MP desync.On most servers ))

General road laws

When you're in your cruiser patrolling about, you're expected to drive perfectly. Not cutting corners, not speeding, not drifting, being careful at intersections etc.

In chases

In chases, you are obviously allowed to speed, and cutting corners has to be to a minumum. Make sure your sirens are on at all times.


As of today, I am making these rules more strict, for us, and for myself. If you're at a traffic stop with someone and he turns his engine off, but then turns it on and drives away whilst you're still on foot, you are not allowed to shoot. Shooting your guns is only when you're in actual danger. Shooting running suspects is now absolutely forbidden, and even shooting unarmed civillians is absolutely forbidden. Doing so will result in instant removal from the department.Tazer is ok if he ain't complying


You can drive-by as passenger with your MP5. ✓
You are only ALLOWED to do this if you warned the suspect many times! ✓
Correct usage of this is: This is the LSPD stop your vehicle now,Or we open fire! ✓
Aim for the tires! ✓
Dont aim for the person and dont make the vehicle explode. ✓
Once you succeed to stop the Vehicle you have to follow the Guns rules. ✓
You are now ALLOWED to shoot, Taze the suspect if needed! ✓

Jailing and fines

Envadeing is 10 to 15 years in jail ((10-15mins))
Having illegal guns 15-20 Years ((15-20mins))
Shooting a civi/Leo 20-30 years ((20-30mins))
Reckless/speeding ticket of 500-1500 depends how much damage they costed
Having/selling illegal drugs 5-10 years in jail ((5 -10 mins))
More to come soon!
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[LSPD] Hand book
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