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 [Jamie's Application]

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PostSubject: [Jamie's Application]   Sun May 29, 2011 7:48 am

Date of Application ((Date When you filled out application)): 5/29/2011
First Name:Alexis
Surname: Calvera
Age: 22
Phone Number: 3434
Nationality: Italian
(IC - Made up) Email:
Do you have a driving license?: Yes
Do you have a flying license?:Yes
Do you have experience with any Fire or Medical Department?: Yes
If Yes, Please explain:Where, When, How Long, Your Divisions, Your Ranks: Well was Lieutenant back in my old city ((other server))
Why should we accept you out off all the other applications ((Minimum 50 words)): Because I know what I am doing I have a Doctors Degree for a long time and I just really want to be part of the LSFMD
Your Biography ((THIS IS IC - Make it look good, Dont just have things like: My dad died, ect-MINIMUM 100 WORDS)): I was born in New Jersey. I was 6 years old, my dad was a cop my mom was a Nurse at
the local hospital. When I was growing up I had 1 brother 10 years old and we got along
very well untill he turned 17..When he turned 17. I was 13 and I had no one to hang out
with at school no one really liked me because I was the nerd, I had straight A's and
dident talk much to anyone. That is untill 10th grade came, I was 15 and I started lifting
weights during the summer so I grew a few pounds because of the muscles I grew, so I said
to my self, "Why not join the football team" and as soon as I made the team I was star player
and most popular kid in school, my grades where still good, I was the most best student in the
whole school. Then it hit 12th grade. I was evan stronger, I played football, track, baseball,
and paddle ball. My grades where still A's and everything else so nothing really happend..
Then I got scholarship to Yale and I got my Doctors Degree..
Like I said before my dad was a cop and he always said how proud he was of me..Me and him
got along so well and it was like nothing can turn us apart..Untill it happend..There was a bank
robbery at the bank and he had to go to it..It was so bad they had to send in the National Guards.
When they fixed it all I waited for my father to come back..And he never did..To this day I still
miss him..And when the bank cameras got it on video I saw where he went..He wasent on the LEO side
he was on the robbers side.. And he ran away with them to Italy and I havent seen him since.. I also
saw in that video that how the NG took down the robbers..I was very into it they took it so well, so
I decided to join the army which I then got accepted to! After 3 years my general told me that I was
so smart and so strong that I should join the Navy SEALS, I then agreed to it and I was so happy about
After another 2 years the SEALS made me a commander of a fireteam I was leader of 3 other SEALS
and we went on missions and we never failed one. I was known as one of the best fireteam leaders of all
and then I went to a mission that...Was a supprize to me..I went to Napoli Italy and I had to secure a
leader of a organization called "RAFI" also known as "Revolutionary Armed Forces of Italy" and I needed
to take down the building and secure the leader then blow up the building..So when we got to the top we
found the leader..And it was my father..As soon as I saw him I knew this was fate..So instead of restraing
him..I raised my M4A1 SD and shot him from stomach and up to his face. I crouched next to his body and
looked at him, I said to his dead body "Sorry dad this is fate..I couldent let you come to U.S alive"
when I got back to the SEALS HQ, they kept yelling at me saying I was suppose to restrain him..And then
they fired me and I was a civilian agian..
When I got back to New Jersey I went to my house where my Mom still lives..When I walked in and
she asked me if I have seen dad.. I replied "Yes..He is dead now.." and she smiled and gave me a hug..
I was now 33 years old living with my mom and it was a great time I couldent ask for anything better.
me and her both enjoyed watching history channel and when there was an episode about WW1 when I watched
a bunch of people dieing and killing each other..It reminded me of the time in the SEALS..And how much I
hated my self for killing so many people..Sure they where not innocent but it was a feeling I had..And I
knew what I needed to do..I needed to get a job and defend my people..
Social Security Document ((SS of Stats)): N/A ((to lazy))
Have your read and fully understand our handbook?:[b] Fuck yeah

[b]OOC Information

Age: 15
Do you have any Realife Experience as LSFMD: In other servers yes
How many hours do you play a day?: Like 1-15 hrs.
Are you sure you want to join Los Santos Fire Medical Department?: Why not
Why do you want to join the Los Santos Fire Medical Department? (( MINIMUM 40 WORDS)): Because it seems fun enough for me..And since its a boreing faction why not keep you entertained?
Real Life Nationality Italian
Timezone: GMT -5
[b]Have your red and fully understand the handbook?:[b] Yes

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PostSubject: Re: [Jamie's Application]   Sun May 29, 2011 9:50 am

Dear Applicant I am happy to announce that your application has been reviewed and you are accepted into the LSFMD. I will contact you when I'm ready

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[Jamie's Application]
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