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 [LSFMD] Radio Codes and Signals

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Los Santos Police Department

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PostSubject: [LSFMD] Radio Codes and Signals   Sat May 28, 2011 7:53 pm

1. Ten Codes
2. Status Codes
3. Situational Codes
4. Fire Ten Codes

1. Ten Codes
10-1: All units meet at <Location>
10-2: Shots are fired <Location>
10-3: Clear the radio.
10-4: Received and understood.
10-5: Repeat last transmittal.
10-6: Disregard.
10-20: Current location
10-21: Report your status, location and callsign
10-22: Report in person - Go to <Location>
10-27: Changing unit
10-70: Requesting backup - Non-emergency <Location>
10-70 Echo: Requesting backup - Emergency <Location>
10-99: The situation has ended - Report conclusion (Example: Patient is recovered)


2. Status Codes
Status 1: Going off duty.
Status 2: Coming on duty.
Status 3: Going on a break - Report for how long.
Status 4: On patrol
Status 5: I'm responding with lights and sirens off
Status 5 Echo: I'm responding with lights and sirens on (emergency)
Status 6: I'm on scene.
Status 7: Patient is loaded - coming back to the hospital.
Status 8: Arrived at the hospital with the patient - report if you need assistance or not.
Status 9: On duty in the hospital (Doctors and above only!)

3. Situational Codes
Code 0 + location: All units stop what you're doing and respond immediately.
Code 1: Non-emergency. Respond when you're done.
Code 2: Emergency. Respond immediatly without lights and sirens
Code 2 Echo: Emergency. Respond immediatly with lights and sirens.


4. Fire Ten Codes
10-09: Requesting assistance
10-13: Brush fire.
10-24: Vehicle fire
10-40: Gas or electrical emergency
10-50: Traffic Accident
10-60: Cataclysm
10-61: Fire Alarm
10-71: Fighting fire.
10-88: Fire is under control
10-98: The situation has ended - Report conclusion (Example: The fire is extinguished)
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[LSFMD] Radio Codes and Signals
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