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 [FINISHED] Juan Gross Gang application

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PostSubject: [FINISHED] Juan Gross Gang application   Thu Aug 11, 2011 12:00 pm

Name of leader: Juan Gross

Level of leader: 15

Does leader of 500k in bank: Yes.

Rank system ((Names)):

R1: Outwing
R2: Kindaow
R3: Killer
R4: Capo Killers
R5: Right wing Cowa
R6: Da Real Cowa

Gang Story (At least 1000 words):

Who's this leva?

Juan was a lonely guy, always doing what his father told him to do. Following his steps, doing his dirty work, if the object was about; money, Juan was always there. But he didn't keep the money, never. His father took it always away and went to the bar, gambling the whole night getting drunk back home because he lost all his money, sometimes he had luck and won something, but that money always dissapeared, drugs .. weapons .. bullshit! Juan was looking for a legal life, and live like all the other teenagers! Hell no, so it went like this.

Homie in the pen.

Juan is now older and he just turned 21. He met some people, good friends like Henrico and Pedro. Pedro was still young though, around his teenagers time. Henrico was following the steps of Juan. And so did Pedro. Juan got in touch with gangs .. mexican gangs. The known Surenos around Mexico, hell yeah, he got money, bitches, drugs, weapons, all the shit you can think about. His father was still living at the same house, but he's much older now and can't work anymore. Often Juan brings some money to his father, but keeps the most part for himself. The hate he got against his father is still strong, and Juan always realised something was wrong with his dad. Pedro, the young guy was convicted in a crime, yeah. He got arrested and charged for Illegal Drugs dealing. In fact, Pedro was always behind his vato's, he was not getting arrested, since he heard a higher rank got caught. They bailed him out, but to make sure the cops stop raiding their turf, Pedro went to the Department of Police and surrendered, said he was the drugs dealer. To make sure he took 120 grams of marijuhana with him, along with some ecstacy pills.

Do this motherfuckin' job.

It's the year 2000, Pedro got released a couple of months ago, Juan and Henrico were now very populated around the set, and so was Pedro after what he did.
Juan took care of all the business, Henrico was the head of recruitment, Pedro was rolling with Juan, like his life guard, you know. One day Juan and Pedro got a mission from the Jefe, they had to deal weapons and drugs in Norcacas turf, north side of Mexico City. They took their 1964 Chevrolet Impala and bounced to the north side. The trunk and backseats were full with cocaine, marijuhana, semi-automatic firearms, heavy shit like AK's. They were all popped up and got ready for their first customer. It was a mexican dude, didn't look like a Nortene nor a Sureno, but they had to do this shit fast before someone notices them.
The shit was handled before though phone calls, the customer called Luis, known as Dark on the streets wanted to buy some semi-automatic firearms and some grams marijuhana. He looked trustfull and everything went well, they got the money, gave him his shit and bounced out again preparing the stuff for their second customer, the day went well, they earned much money and got back safe.

Pop pop pop.

Juan, Pedro and Henrico earned much respect, they were now high ranked in the set and shit. But some things went wrong, it's 15:00 PM, everyone is chillin' at the barrio, some playing dice, others playing football. At the corner was a bar, most people were hanging out there grabbing a Corona or 40' oz, getting laid 'n shit y'know. Pedro was playing blackjack with Henrico and another guy, Fernando. Also a good friend and he started rollin', with us a while ago. Ped got a call, Dark was in need of cuete's and drugs, they meeted up at this hood and Dark brought the feria, Ped was ready with the heat and Fer stood behind him, shit was going on, Ped walked to his 1964 Chevrolet Impala and took some cuete's out, right after that, 5 cars showed up from the corner, everyone leaning out of the windows, people with red rags wrapped around their faces, MAC-10's, and some heavy shit like AK's, pop pop pop pop! Pedro jumped in his trunk and started firing back, popped one of the cars and it blew motherfucking up! BAM, Fer runs up to the hood, it's a fucking chaos! Everyone gets cover and take their straps out firing back, it was a total war, Henrico got shot in his leg, Fer took care of him. Meanwhile Dark was standing there with his cuete's, he popped two of them Norputa's! Juan was in the car and kept covering the others. Many people died .. many. God fucking luck nothing happened to Juan and the others, only Henrico got shot in his leg but that was not a big deal. Dark took care of his leg. Everything was fucked up, bodies on the ground .. houses in fire, fucking children running around screaming for their moms and dads! It was over.

New Era.

Juan, Pedro and his younger sister Reina, Fernando, Henrico and Dark. They left Mexico and started a new life and set in Los Santos, El Corona. They took everything they needed, and Pedro took care of the gun dealings, Reina was always around the hood, keeping a eye on it.
Dark, yeah .. he was mostly bouncing around with Pedro. Juan and Henrico were always there for the varrio. Some new hood-rats came and joined the set, they started earning their respect in the barrio, some of them are repping the set already, chea. South Side Rascals, that's how this shit was called. Fucking known around Los Santos, got raided several times, the fucking FBI even got a casefile on them. Although this set was bangin', the streets, there were some other sets like the Goons, and Saint Block Fags, heheheheh. The Rascals were cool with the Goons, but those Saint Blocks, hahah. How many of them got popped anyway?
Whateva', everything is runnin', smoothly and aight. So we keep it cool and do our jobs on the streets, Rascals.

Shit is done.

Pedro glances around nervously, cocking the AK-47 back, jerking his head to Juan.
Pedro suddenly shouts: YOU READY ESE!? Juan grips tightly onto the bags full money, bursting out into a laughter. Juan shifts his gaze to Pedro, raising his hand up forming a 'R' with his fingers, hitting the left-side of his chest. Pedro takes a deep breath, exhaling, shrugging as he spits a clot on the floor, looking at the door of the Downtown Main Bank, moving his view to one of the employees, winking at her.
Suddenly you can hear Jose shouting from the back: WE DOING THIS ALREADY? I HAVE TO FUCKING SHIT!
Pedro calls everyone together, gathering the bags together, as he shouts: RASCALS POR LA VIDA, TILL THE FUCKING LAST BREATH! Everyone rushes outside, pop pop pop pop pop, the cops ain't got no fucking mercy, they drop a couple of homeboys, I could barely see it and they were down.
For a moment, everything stopped for me, everyone is moving weird, like some fucking slow-motion shit, man.. what the fuck did I smoke that night? I jerk my head to the right when I see Juan getting shot in his back, man .. that shit was fucked up, I ran into the bushes trying to hide or something, I see Felipe running aside me.. As I shout like a bitch: FELIPE, GRAB THE GREEN AND SPACE'EM, YO!
Pedro tosses the bags to Felipe as he barely catches them, almost letting one of the bags slip out of his hands, he rushes to the Burrito, jumping in the back as the car speeds off. Pedro looks down to the ground, suddenly lowering his hand to his stomach, rubbing it over his belly. He raises his hand up, looking at the blood all covering his hand. '' F..uck yeah.. I'm done here '', is the first thoughts what get trough his mind. This is what goes on further while Pedro glances at Juan who is laying on the ground, closed eyes and all. JUAN, WAKE THE FUCK UP FOOL WE ABOUT TO BAIL! While Pedro knows that there's no way out of here, he keeps believing he's getting away from here. Pedro peers down at the AK-47 in the bushes, reaching out to it as he grips onto the banana-magazine, taking it out of the bushes. SWAT bitches all surrounded him, shouting the hell out of theirselves, '' THIS IS THE SAN ANDREAS POLICE DEPARTMENT, DROP YOUR WEAPON NOW OR WE WILL USE LETHAL FORCE TO TAKE YOU DOWN! '' Like what, fools, I'm already shot. Pedro letting out a little chuckle, raising his arm up wiping some sweat off his forehead, looking into the eyes of the SWAT officers one by one.
While this happens, Juan is being picked up by an ambulance without Pedro seeing it.
Pedro drops the AK, crouching down to the ground slowly getting on his knees, holding his stomach.
The SWAT officers sprint to Pedro, one of them swinging the back of the a M4 into Pedro's face which causes Pedro getting knocked out. An ambulance takes Pedro to the hospital, which is being led there by four SWAT tanks. Juan has been taken to the Las Venturas Hospital, since he was injured badly, they needed special surgeons to take care of him. Felipe, who escaped with the money, got a couple of homies to San Fierro, where they went hiding for a fucking long while, Pedro was taken care of, Juan was still in a bad status, in coma and shit. Pedro got sentenced, 96 months, Enrique used to visit Loco a couple of times, but after a month of three, he vanished aswell. Blanco was still in El Corona, being here and there, doing the little shit's to keep his money coming, that ain't enough to save the click, so he decided to lay low for a bit and get some legal work.

Loco -Motherfucking- Pedro.

Pedro got released on probation, the sky is all cloudy, Pedro drives up in his brand new GMC Yukon, fuck knows where he got that from, sexy-ass rims, shiny grey paintjob, but as soon as he drives into El Corona, looking around for some familiar faces he arches an eyebrow, staring at the new group of people around his house. Pedro reaches to his back, shifting his gaze to his Mossberg 500 SG, as soon as he grabs it up, he turns the engine of the GMC off, pulling the door-handle; sliding out of the GMC. He walks towards his house, all confused, he should've lost his mind during those turtutions had. Pedro glances around, and very soon one of the chicano's approach Pedro. It was Noche, he suddenly drops his mouth, staring into the eyes of Pedro. ''L.. Lo.. Loco.. ?'' was his first word towards Pedro. Pedro quickly aims the 500 SG at Noche, ''The fuck are you!?'', Noche replies; ''IT'S NOCHE MAYNE, CHILL, CHILL!'' Pedro keeps aiming at Noche, as soon as he says ''Where's Reina!?'' Noche looks with a puzzled face at Pedro, ''Re..ina? Ain't she dead ese.. ?'' Pedro cocks the 500 SG back, ''She ain't dead, motherfucker! Y'all think y'can play a game with me, you really think that ese!?'' Noche stutters; ''I swear Loco I don't know, she's dead ese, man, you know that!'' Pedro pulls the trigger, busting a cap in the leg of Ramiro which had a very huge impact on it, Ramiro drops on the floor screaming in a lot of pain, eyes filled with tears. Noche; ''Why you doin..- doing this Lo..- Loco!'', Pedro walks towards his house as all the people around the block vanished after the loud gunshot. A couple of days later, Pedro walks up to the bar, noticing Noche on the other side of the street, leaning against the wall while there are two crutches on the ground beside him. As soon as Ramiro notices Pedro, he looks to the other side, trying not to get the attention of Pedro. Pedro shrugs, walking forward to the bar, exactly when he turns the corner, his eyes catch the faces of Enrique and Blanco, following their actions as they were robbing a black male, Blanco pushing the barrel of his Glock.17 against the back of the male's head, while Rique taps his hands on the male's pockets, Pedro approaches them, crossing his arms, watching the scene. Blanco, who jerked his head towards Pedro's direction, kept staring into Pedro's eyes for a fair long minute. He lowers his Glock, switching the safety on; sliding it in his waistbelt. Blanco shifts his gaze to Enrique, speaking to him on a low tone; ''Rique, look.. '' Enrique replies; ''What man!? Aim the fuckin' shit against this mayate's head!'' Blanco taps on Enrique's shoulder, pointing his index-finger at Pedro. Enrique tilts his head, moving his view to Pedro, dropping his mouth. They both let the victim go, the male runs away as fast as he can. Enrique clears his throat, saying; ''Ped..?'' as he approaches Pedro, swinging his arms around Pedro. Pedro nods at Enrique, moving towards Ricardo. Ricardo takes a few steps towards Pedro, hugging him aswell. Ricardo suddenly says; ''Good to see your face again, homeboy''.
On the other hand, Felipe arrives in his '68 Impala, a cruiser is behind him, shouting through the megaphone, telling Felipe to pull over. Lipe; ''What fucking now!?'', the cruiser parks behind the car of Felipe, stepping out with a nitestick in his hand. Lipe opens the door, but suddenly hears the officer commanding him; ''Engine off, remain seated!''. Pedro, Enrique and Blanco keep watching the scene without making any suspicious movements. Pedro whispers quietly to Ricardo; ''Get the fuck away from here before you get busted by this punk-ass mark''. Ricardo nods, walking slowly around the block, vanishing as soon as he turns around the corner of the bar. The officer is at this moment talking with Felipe, ''Mister Rodriguez.. nice to see you again.'' Felipe replies; ''Fuck off, Greenwood, I ain't got no time for this.'' The officer grins a bit, looking in the vehicle of Felipe for anything suspicious. ''Very well.. see you next time then.'' Felipe who turned a little bit mad, replies; ''Yeah whatever, fucking nutsack.'' Felipe steps out of the car when the cruiser dissapears in the road towards the Idlewood Gas station, Enrique calls Ricardo, ''He gone, get here!'', the four males get into a huge conversation, the last sentence of Pedro was, ''Rascals, we back in this game, first we clean those Matones up, then we take control over five-one-six again.''

South Side Rascals : El Corona.

Dustin and Guan step out of the taxi, curling their fingers as they both form a fist; dapping them against each other, they both nod and Dustin goes off; ''On a better life homie''. Guan cracks a little smile, ''Yeah.. for vato, it's fucking time to make some baro y'know''. They both look around infront of the Idlewood Gas Station, as a black male approaches them-..''Yo 'eses' y'two forgot where y'was heading to?'' Dustin cocks an eyebrow; jerking his head to Guan quickly with a puzzled facial expression on his face, Guan takes one step further-..''Yeah homie, we lookin' for a nice-ass casa to drop in tu'sabes? Aliviane dawg - show us where the best fittin' place is for us. The civilian sticks his index-finger out towards the road to El Corona-..''That way - just go straight''. Dustin and Guan pick up their bags and take a slow but very nervous walk towards El Corona, as soon as they notice all the graffiti on the walls along with the tags; representing a notorious set where they've heard earlier from, the South Side Rascals, they both clear their throats and keep walking down, at the corner back at EC, they take right and walk straight up to the projects, standing there clueless. A little bit further, behind a couple of tree's were a couple of hispanic males seen with loud music on, one of them was wearing locs and the other one had a fedora on his head; a blue bandana wrapped around it. The males were totally stoned and was laughing the shit out of theirselves.
Guan and Dustin decide to leave their bags behind at the projects and walk up to the group, starting to ask questions to the guy with the fedora hat-..''Ey ese, dispenza.. me and my vato Guan are lookin' for de aquillas cantón around here, esquina eh? The guy with the locs moves his view to Dustin as he frowns-..''De aquillas cantón, huh? There ain't no fuckin' well-lookin' house around here ese, if y'really lookin' for one go up to Richman, fucking chavalo''. The guy with the fedora adds-..''Haha-.. chill Loco, I'ma esquinar this lil' vatito's and point them a cantón''. Guan and Dustin remain quiet and jog to their bags quickly; following Juan, the guy with the fedora afterwards. Juan points a couple of house's in the projects-..''Cheap shit ese, don't mind Loco, he's a fucking grifo, for real ese, whatever - move y'asses in and let me hear of y'both later, wait uh-.. what was the names again?'' Dustin and Guan reply quickly-..''Dusty-..'' - ''Yo it's Guan''.

Straight Rascals Shit.

Guan and Dustin got more affiliated with the gang with the main reason; ''Make the motherfuckin' paper''. They're both getting trusted and respected - the gang itself was fallen apart before but it was back and stronger then ever, since getting a legal job was impossible, they had no other choise then gangbanging for the block. Day in day out, every fuckin' moment which was possible just to make some money. Soon they both started to love this life and were only thinking about their future in the Rascals - years pass as Dustin and Guan finally got into the eyes of Loco, the motherfuckin' OG around El Corona, one of the most respected, the shit was all runnin' by him and Juan. The day of Guan and Dustin approached as they both got pulled into a house, pushed against a wall-..''Motherfuckin' face against the wall, bitch swatas!'' Dustin and Guan's faces turned fully red after what just happened, they both got the barrels of Baretta 92FS' pushed against the back of their heads. Dustin starts shouting-..''What the fuck ese, f-f-fuck, leave me homie, I didn't do no shit, I swear I ain't no motherfucking snitch!'' - Guan adds on the sentences of Dustin-.. ''Ese for real, we die for this block ese, El Corona ese, you got the wrong ones homie, fuck!'' The sound of a opening door, it appears to be Pedro, the Loco ese high up in this shit. Pedro orders the homeboys to lower their gats; as soon as Dustin and Guan hear his voice they both shift their gazes to him. Pedro nods at the two, Rique and Priest, along with Haze, and all three of them get the message. They start on Guan and Pedro leans against the wall watching how ruthless the three beat him up, along while beating him up, they are counting - Dustin knew what was up and kept quiet in the corner, thirteen seconds pass and the males suddenly stop jumping Guan and move to the next patient, Dustin. While Guan is bleeding, down on the floor with his view to Dustin, he watches how Dustin gets hooked from all sides, after his seconds, Pedro approach them both and wrap the blue bandana's he drawed out of his backpocket around their faces-..''Get yourself some colours; fools''.

Ganton Block Clique.

The rascalitos in El Corona are running deep - too motherfucking deep, Guan and Dusty are fantasizing about how it would be to have their own set in this click, runnin' another part of the Five-One-Six as they both recommend the streets of Unity. What the fuck, let's just try suggesting this to Pedro is what they both think as they arrange a meeting with him in his house-..''Loco, we been thinking about this shit for a while now, y'know the click is runnin' deep - we've got alot of carnalito's throwin' it up for the block ese, but we both think it's time to move on a bit, El Corona is too crowded and shit, we might just start a set down in Unity only if you think that's a good idea ese..''. Pedro starts whispering with Juan and Rique-..''I told y'all this two chico's got somethin' hidin' in their minds, I been thinking about this shit too - they came on the right moment; y'both down for this?'' Juan and Enrique both agree with Pedro's decision. They turn back to Dustin and Guan as Pedro starts speaking-..''Alright listen up homes, we approve this shit you know, y'both are right, time to expand our turf 'round this zone, but ese, Unity is too close to El Corona tu'sabes? It won't make any difference, Idlewood is full of negro's but fuck it, so does Ganton. A new sub-click will be started down in Ganton ese, think about the rest yourselves, we'll be putting some homies down there to assist you two. The main reason of that clique down there will be pickin' up rattas from the streets, teachin' them how to gang-bang in this shit, got me? Let them fill the corners all around five-one-six and there will sure be a couple who shine, El Corona will be more secure like this and it won't get too much attention. This shit won't be easy homes, so think twice 'bout it before you start with it'' - Dustin and Guan both nod without even thinking one single second, they move out from El Corona to Ganton, the blue projects down there are pretty straight to start with. Soon more and more people moved in there and it succesfully formed a Sub-Rascals click which was being led by Guan and Dusty.


R1: 114
R2: 115
R3: 174
R4: 175
R5: 116
R6: 116

First members (at least 3):

1: N/A ( ATM )
2: N/A ( ATM )
3: Jay Box
4: Ali Grom
5: Ali Grom
6: Juan Gross

Do you understand all the rules: Yes.

Who is Co-Leader (R5): Jay Box.

Does Co-Leader have 500k in bank: Yes.
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PostSubject: Re: [FINISHED] Juan Gross Gang application   Thu Aug 11, 2011 2:41 pm

Accepted. See me in game for your slot creation. Remember that if any rank five or above breaks a server rule, your gang will receive one strike as a whole. Three gang strikes leads to disbandment.
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[FINISHED] Juan Gross Gang application
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