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 Let me say a few things

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PostSubject: Let me say a few things   Fri Jul 22, 2011 7:34 pm

Okay let me just say a few things for ya'll to wrap up what has happened lately

1: Server was closed by Snapple because I was helping another community.

2: Snapple thinks it is time to bring it back with Jared as my spot.

3: Snapple thinks I should not be an admin, which he then doesn't.

4: We put up test server and start adding some great new features.

5: Jared and Snapple both agree to put me on the admin team as a Junior Admin.

6: They make me Director of Game Affairs, Development Forum Mod, Chief Mapper, Complaint Moderator, and Junior Admin.

7: I post this topic to wrap things up.

That is first order of business.

Next I would like to great fully thank Snapple and Jared for letting me become an admin again after what I did, thank you so much, I promise I will never do anything to the server, ever.

Last, Jared make me an epic signature, okay that is all, thank you.

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PostSubject: Re: Let me say a few things   Fri Jul 22, 2011 9:58 pm

@lastSentence LOLUWISH

@number5 Ya thank me for that lol. Screw Snapple Razz. I said "YO SNAPPLE, DANNY'S ADMIN NAO. GOT IT?!" (okay, maybe not THAT. I like my job xD)

@number6 YOU. YOU... YOU TOOK MY DoGA?! Well then, I have one thing to say to that: fill me with ur poison. nub.

Yeah, so Jared gave up Director of Game Affairs. Sorry members who are all freaking epic, I know you all liked me better as DoGA D:. But maybe now I can help get rid of those abusive staff members Smile.
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Let me say a few things
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